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we 1952-ers travel just ahead of the crest of the wave . . .

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Friday, June 25, 2010


Just to catch everybody up.

1. There is a skipjack in my backyard.

This is because a long long time ago I married her owner. Catch the pronouns.

2. He doesn't look exactly like this anymore. But there are times he can still pull it off.

3. A skipjack is a Big Deal in the rarefied air of Chesapeake Bay Preservationists. A Really Big Deal. And a skipjack is astronomically, insanely and not to any definite economic end point -- Expensive. Really expensive.

4. So a foundation was created.

no endorsement of any other YouTube videos are made .... just has issues with direct uploads .... this is just a disclaimer)

They clearly need help. Please visit

5. Meanwhile work continues.

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